Jelle Goossens

Jelle Goossens


Hello! I'm Jelle. I'm an audio engineer offering multiple services. I run my own studio currently located in Eindhoven. I have a background in arts and music. I understand the creative process and choices well and being a longtime musician myself I can easily relate to the wishes and needs of my clients. I've always had an obsession for detail in sound and technology. I utilize that in my audio work, without losing sight of the bigger picture.




The studio occupies the original MFB reference room in the old Appliances Factory at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, which has been updated to today's acoustic standards with an acoustic design by Kees Neervoort. It is equipped with high-end speakers, converters and outboard gear, as well as some of the best digital processing in the industry. The studio is an ideal post-production space for mastering, mixing, editing, restoration and small recording sessions.

Clients are welcome to come over. There's a very comfortable couch and good coffee!




Mastering / Mixing / Voice-over recording / Tech advice / education