learning and coaching

I have a lot experience teaching my knowledge and skills to others.

I give lessons on various subjects
- digital audio
- mixing
- mastering
- Ableton Live
- synthesis
- building a live set
- music theory, with the help of a piano/keyboard :)

Classes can be solo or in small groups, in my studio or on location.
I also do one on one supervision.
Possible both in Dutch and English.

What I find important is for you to really understand what you are doing, not just learn tips and tricks. Too often do I see people needlessly dialing knobs or simply just copying others. I will teach you the theory and give you hands-on experience.

I can customize the lessons to your needs, and combinations are of course possible. Hourly rate is €50.

I also teach some of these subjects for Sound Education Nederland www.soundeducation.nl
and Master The Mix www.masterthemix.com