Bringing it all together

Mixing is where you bring all the multiple tracks/instruments/sounds together. I have much experience mixing acoustic, electric and electronic music. In mixing there are many routes to go and that has a huge impact on the sound of a song. Before we start, I always like to talk with the artist about the sound they want, exchange ideas and then get to work with a clear goal ahead. After a first version the artist can give feedback on the sound. My audio skills will do their work but communication is key to achieving a great result together!
I'm always open for a free listening session, to get an idea of the song(s) and checking if everything is ready to go.

Please provide multitrack audio in .wav files. If you want me to mix from an existing Pro Tools or Ableton Live project that is often also possible.
I also mix audio to picture, contact me if you want to know more.

Attending a session is also possible if our agendas agree :)

Prices for mixing a track vary from 120 to €400 excl. VAT depending on:
- the amount of tracks
- complexity of the song/arrangement
- how much editing/fixing is needed if any
Prices include up to two revisions. More are possible but at a cost of 25 each.

Possible discounts for mixing multiple songs or a full album.

A combination with mastering is possible, this will give also you some additional discount.

Contact me for a price quote, I always agree on a fixed price upfront.